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Zillion Ads Expert: Just call in for a 5 minutes conversation to see if I can work with you.

Qualified Buyers: ecommerce, booking, appointment or if you are in business for a long time.

Non Qualified: if your business is a calling call business as taxi services, depending on my experience 98% are coming from Google My Business Profile.

I try hundred classifieds, it is simply a waste of time and cost you $ 5.00 or more per month. I did sell in eBay, Amazon, Craigslist. Facebook Marketplace and more.

After more than one decade of learning almost every classified websites. I can have your ad index, rank and Bing page 1. I post your ad manually, submit to Search Engines manually and ad duration is 12 months. Thousand clicks to your product or service or landing page.

Let’s compare my service and a regular $ 5.00 classified ad.

#1- Guaranty index, I do manual submission to Google Web Console and Bing Web Master, index means traffic and at least rank in Google and rank page 1 in Bing.

#2- You only post ad once a year and then you have the rest of the year to do other stuffs. You can imagine how much time that you save by not posting ads every month, you will never index by reposting your ad every month.

#3- By the end of the year you have over a thousand clicks or more guaranteed.

Regular Ads:

#1- You pay $ 60.00 a year or $ 5.00 a month

#2- You have zero index and no ranking

#3- You waste a lot of time posting and reposting your ads.

#4- For a year you may have about 100 clicks or less to landing page.


If you would please, share your ads and we make it easy to share your ads.

We guaranty index for ranking in all the search engines.

We do submit your ads manually to web console.

We host your ads for 12 months, usually Google robot scrawl about 30 days then you have 11 months for index and better ranking.

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