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We are  Ticket Seller Experts”Brokers” for these following websites:

The $ 200.00 for down payment is to set up your campaigns on our network as Ticketmaster, Stubhub, Facebook Event, Ticketnetwork and more.

See how you are investing your $ 200.00.

Just say we sell 200 tickets.

These people pay $ 40.00 per ticket and spend in average $ 40.00 for drink and food. We are not counting the VIP, the big Bowler or big spender. We do not know that, only time will tell.

In average every person spends $ 80.00 total.

Just say we sell 200 tickets.

We make you $ 80 x 200= $ 16,000.00

In total we make your event $ 16,000.00 or if you do not advertise with us, you just lost $ 16,000.00 with us.

Another promoter will advertise with us.

We will have your campaigns on as many event websites we can.

We estimate at least 100 tickets will sell.

We have a 30 days promotion 67% off, normally we charge $ 600.00 down.

Today it is only $ 200.00 to set your campaigns.

For each ticket sold it is $ 4.00 charge.

For every 50 tickets sold you have 48 hours to pay $ 200.00

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vend haitian bal tickets miami,  vend haitian bal tickets orlando,  vend haitian bal tickets tampa and more.

We take Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, CashApp, Zelle, Venmo and more.


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Tampa , Florida United States

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